The Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network is a coalition of young people and organizations from the Asia-Pacific region that came together in 2002 with the goal of examining and addressing the impact of globalization and its impact on indigenous peoples, and especially the young people in those communities, around the world.

The Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network has many goals, but primary among them is to empower indigenous youth to play a bigger and more visible role in addressing the needs of their people. One of the primary ways the network will do this is to serve as a channel for communication among its members both within the network and between its members and other organizations that share similar concerns.

Raising awareness of the concerns of indigenous peoples by providing platforms for raising awareness of indigenous concerns as well as providing education to those involved with indigenous issues is also a key goal of the Asian Pacific Indigenous Youth Network. A fundamental part of raising awareness is providing training and other services to indigenous youth at both local and national levels, so that they can serve as ambassadors for their peoples, both within their own country and at the international level.

By working with international agencies already in place, such as the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network also seeks to raise awareness of indigenous issues around the world. This also involves forging and strengthening ties to organizations, institutions, and individuals who have similar goals.

Most importantly, however, the Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network seeks to forge a sense of solidarity among young people and communities who share the goal of promoting and defending the rights of indigenous communities as they struggle to survive in a global age, both through its website and by coordinating solidarity campaigns around the region.