Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network (APIYN) extends its warmest greetings to everyone celebrating the true peoples’ Cordillera Day at Bolo, Kalinga from April 23-25, 2017. APIYN is a network of indigenous youth that promotes solidarity among young people and communities in defending the rights of indigenous communities.

We are one with the Cordillera peoples in commemorating, and drawing inspiration from, the Cordillera heroes and martyrs who defended our land, life and rights. We join you in celebrating the successes of the mass movement of indigenous peoples in the Cordillera, especially against the building of the Chico Dams and the Cellophil logging concession from the 1970s to 1980s. If not for the people’s opposition to these kinds of destructive projects, indigenous youth would not be able to live in the land that their ancestors have nurtured and protected.

The Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network is likewise in solidarity with the Filipino people in their quest for just and lasting peace. We support the ongoing peace talks between the Government of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in order to address the roots of the armed conflict in the country, including the genuine recognition of the Cordillera indigenous peoples’ ancestral lands and self-determination.

For as long as the greed for profit by multi-national companies, the destructive development projects, human rights violations with impunity, and imperialism remain, indigenous youth will not cease to fight for the rights of indigenous peoples. Together let us persistently stand against these injustices until we achieve genuine freedom and democracy.

The celebration of the peoples’ Cordillera Day, which demonstrates the strength and self-determination of indigenous peoples, serves as an inspiration for the indigenous youth at present and in the future.

As one of our song goes,

“We must struggle for a better life.
Never give-up, and stand up for our rights.
Defend our land the source of our life learn from the past
And carry-on the fight”

Long Live the Cordillera Peoples!
Long Live the Indigenous Youth!
Long Live International Solidarity!