Asia Young Indigenous Peoples Network (AYIPN) condemns the recent attacks on indigenous peoples in Bangladesh.

We strongly condemn the recent attacks and arson against the indigenous Jumma people of Bangladesh attack inflicted in daylight by Bengali settlers in collusion and with the presence of the military and police in Langadu, in Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Tracts on 2 June 2017. During the attack, Bengali settlers torched down houses of Adivasi people in different villages, causing immediate fleeing of indigenous peoples to hills and forests to save their lives.

It is reported that the arson attack claimed more than 250 houses from three localities, Tintila, Manikjor Chara and Baitya Para, and one elderly Jumma woman found to be killed and burnt to death.
We strongly support indigenous peoples’ organisations in Bangladesh in their call to an immediate and proper investigation of the recent arson.

We demand immediate actions by Bangladesh government to provide proper life security, compensation and rehabilitation for the displaced indigenous peoples and hold accountable the people who perpetrated the attack.
In line with this, Bangladesh Adivasi Forum and Kapaeeng Foundation are currently raising funds from different organizations and individuals from home and abroad. These organizations are urging everyone to come forward to support the Longadu victims and save the indigenous peoples community.